Partner With Us

We are Buzzed Puzzles, a new brand of adult themed jigsaw puzzles (no, it’s not porn, sorry). We are looking to set Grandma’s old school boring puzzle world on fire! We will be using adult themes like booze, marijuana, horror, sexuality as well as tattoo and street art to define our brand as the puzzle of a new generation of edgy gamers and puzzlers. We want to form relationships with amazing tattoo, street and relevant new artists and gamers to become Buzzed Puzzle Brand Ambassadors. We offer promotion, recognition, swag for giveaways as well as the option of having your art and brand become immortalized as a household activity for a new and edgy game niche! Royalties in perpetuity will be offered for income generating product sales with any of our Buzzed Ambassadors’ images. We’d love to have you help us launch our brand as well as get your art and brand recognized by a nationwide advertising campaign and gaming community!

Buzzed Bee