Fack FAQ

When is your Kickstarter beginning?

As soon as I finish this 33,000 piece puzzle… The campaign is set to begin on February 1st 2019, if our goal is met we will begin production immediately upon funding and should be ready to ship within two months of the campaign closing. This will be the time it takes to produce (2-3 weeks lead time) as well as the time to ship (also 2-3 weeks lead time) the purchased puzzles.

Will you ship all over the world?

Yes, we plan on taking over the world, wait, what was the question? Oh, yes, Amazon and ShipBob's shipping policies and rates will determine the reach of our worldwide puzzle domination, but as long as you will kick in for postage, you'll get your puzzles!

I love your idea and want to help spread the word!

Let’s kick this mother into overdrive! You can apply to be one of our affiliates or gold ambassadors here! Info@BuzzedPuzzles.com, just mention that you’d like to be a brand ambassador and we will help you help us kick some puzzle ass.

Can I stream doing one of your puzzles.

Ya, we’re the sht, you’re the shit, let’s be the shit together, but please let us know so we can retweet and spread the word.

What do we do after we finish the puzzle?

No M-80’s left from the 4th? Then we suggest gluing it and framing it. We try to pick high resolution beautiful images to use that would look great in your living room, man cave, bathroom, game room or kitchen. You can also take them apart and put them together again in 50 years.

When are you getting new designs?

Aside from our 12 starter designs we will be adding (and discontinuing, so get them while they last) puzzles all the time, we also give a select few puzzles to our Gold Ambassadors for promotions and giveaways! We already own the rights to several dozen images that we will use to blow your mind!

Will higher piece count puzzle be available?

Are you ready for the challenge young grasshopper? Once we have 12 designs launched in the 1,000 piece count we will start fooling around with higher difficulty, lower piece counts in the 500 piece puzzles, as well as the nail biting, multi-night 2,000+ designs.

Are “adult puzzles” pornographic?

No, sorry (sad face). We use “adult” images which have adult themes such as horror, alcohol, marijuana, tattoos, graffiti, and limited risque sexual content but we do not intent to use any pornographic material. We plan on selling our puzzles on Amazon and their terms are very strict when it comes to nudity.

Where can I buy Buzzed Puzzles?

Our puzzles should be sold at every liquor store on the planet, but for now, will be available on our Kickstarter campaign as of February 1st 2019 (https://kck.st/2lQWSbb) and once launched they will be available at Amazon.com. We plan on selling direct from our website but not until mid to late 2019.

Can I sell Buzzed Puzzles in my store?

Depends on the store I guess. Do you sell adult diapers? The answer is no. Seriously though, the answer is YES! We have a wholesale program with standard wholesale rates and deposits. Our minimums are as low as 10 designs and you'll be free to mix and match designs. We are eager to please so please shoot us an email at Info@BuzzedPuzzles.com.

When will more puzzle designs come out?

The short answer is, whenever we can afford it! The long answer is, if sales, manufacturing and distribution go smoothly we plan to release a minimum of one new design per month.

My Mom says I’m an awesome artist, where can I submit my art to be made into Buzzed Puzzles?

Your Mom is most likely lying to you, but on the off chance she isn’t, send your art to Info@BuzzedPuzzles.com

Buzzed Bee