About Us

Buzzed Who?

Jigsaw Puzzles, we’ve all put them together. Family vacations, rainy days, cozying up at home for the evening, ya we’ve all been there. Take 5 minutes and search the interwebs for adult jigsaw puzzles in 2018. What do you see? THE SAME EXACT PUZZLE CONCEPTS FROM THE 80s! Now that we are adulting, we’ve started to revisit some childhood nostalgia. Alone? Grab your adult coloring book. With friends? Bust out the adult card and board games like Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens. Want to do a puzzle? Too frickin bad because it’s still Grandma’s damned designs. We are going to flip the adult puzzle world from crappy landscapes, cutsie animals and homely cottages to graffiti, tattoos, booze, weed, zombies and lots of sexy sexiness.

Buzzed Why?

Unassuming couple Josh and Stephanie were on a trip to visit a close friend in Canada. On the last night of our vacation we found ourselves in an intense puzzling session over drinks and getting to know some of our friend’s family (Hi Netty!). Having forgotten about how much fun jigsaws can be, we began to order puzzles upon our return home to Southern California. While Stephanie was doing the ordering, the puzzles that kept arriving were cut from the same old cloth; landscapes, movie posters, well known art, etc etc etc. Although fun and challenging, they were all so bland and G rated. Josh decided to try to find something with a little bit of excitement or edge for their next puzzle only to find that, in the puzzle world, there isn't a damn thing with any adult content or themes. Shortly after this realization, Buzzed Puzzles was born. Now we are poised to set the puzzle world on fire with edgy, risque images and unique, challenging puzzles!

Buzzed Bee